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We offer only private tours with just your friends and family, along with your private guide for a unique and personal experience.
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Downtown Spirits Tour

Captured at one of Asheville's most historic hotels August 20, 2017, three days after a jumping suicide.

The Downtown Spirits Tour is Asheville's only interactive tour using EMF meters and dowsing rods. This Tour of Thirds (1/3 ghost stories, 1/3 paranormal information, 1/3 Asheville history) and includes amazing photos of apparitions, mists, and orbs taken on our tours.

We will tell you why a famous architect haunts one of Asheville's most valuable buildings. Which building was the scene of 13 jumping suicides as a result of the stock market crash? Why do veterans haunt Haywood Street and why were 1100 bodies dug up and moved from Church Street in 1908? Who is the partial apparition that wanders Pritchard Park at night? And who really killed Helen Clevenger in 1936?

Be sure to bring your digital and 35mm cameras to ensure the best quality paranormal photos! Cell phones WILL work but you will get much higher quality photo, with more options to capture oddities and entities with digital. We will teach you the use of interactive equipment including dousing rods, EVP recorders, and ambient temperature thermometers. You can also download an EMF meter to your cell phone and we will show you how to use it, though these are not very effective downtown due to power & power lines and traffic lights.

Our tour meets in lobby of ALOFT Hotel, downtown Asheville, 51 Biltmore Ave. Parking is available inside hotel (entrance on Biltmore in front of Aloft) - 1st hour FREE, 2+/hrs at $1.25/hr.. Google Directions

Susan Firer and Jim Hazard of Milwaukee, WI say: "How could we know this would be our favorite night in Asheville? Architecture, history, camaraderie, an incredibly informed guide,the supernatural at every corner. Really, a terrific way to see Asheville After Dark. We couldn't recommend it enough."
The Besimpki's of Boston, MA on Trip Advisor says: "My family and I went on a tour and had the best time! Even if you're not the biggest believer in paranormal activity, it was a great tour of the city that included lots of historical, and sometimes murderous, stories of Asheville's past."
Kim W. of Las Vegas, NV says: What made this tour stand out from the dozen or so other ghost tours we have enjoyed is that our guide Todd was not only an expert in his local history and architecture but he brought along equipment for us to use to "ghost hunt" ourselves. It was so much fun to see the instruments reacting while they were in your own hands!! Great stories and facts, beautiful city, and personable guide. Very worthwhile.
We meet in lobby of ALOFT Hotel, downtown Asheville, 51 Biltmore Ave. Parking is available inside hotel (entrance on Biltmore in front of Aloft) - 1st hour FREE, 2+/hrs at $1.25/hr.
Just across I240, north of downtown Asheville. 267 Montford Ave. Go thru 2nd red light, past restaurant, see park bench on right at the bus stop.
Black Mountain
Heart of Downtown Black Mountain, 12 miles east of Asheville on I40. 122 Cherry St. We meet at the park bench in front of the Dark City Deli.